Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Just came back home and found nice surprice. It seems like kids that live in my block made drawings for Bella (my flatmate) :-)

It all went really well! more images from Sunday soon ...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Back in my flat. We have been cooking at Amirun's flat for last 5 hours. It was 6 of us involved. Her daughter taught me how to make chicken curry, vegetable curry and dried mango pickle. We cut tones of onions and I learned about different spices. Then we all had a dinner at her place. It's been a long day, and there is still plenty to do before the party tomorrow. We will start again in the morning...

letter came through my door this morning...

I went to my neighbour's house this morning and we made a shopping list. Then we went shopping with a suitcase and a buggy. There was a lot to buy! Saima's mum and Lippy's mum helped a lot with getting the best deals and proper spices. They know local merchants so they pretended that they were getting pumpkin and chicken for themselves and they got much better price than I would get.

It's was the first time in my life I bought 10kg of onion, 5kg of rice and 4 massive chickens in one go! They bought 25kg of onion for themselves. It apparently takes 1 month to finish that bag.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Since it turned out quite difficult to find someone who would play live music (on such a short notice), I went to see Happy's family to ask about what I could do instead...after a bit of brain storming we came up with an idea of a quiz. So Happy and me were putting questions together. She is also designing a press release for the film and a poster that we will hang by the entrance to our flat

I need to get presents for the winners! And 5-6 chickens! There will be vegetarian curry for those who don't eat meat :-)

We will also decorate our space.

This is our TO DO list:
- decorating the house - everyone
- designing press release / editing photos - H
- finding out questions for the quiz - H & me
- buying presents - me
- shopping with family
- cooking (me + F)
- music (usb) - H, L, P
- clearing space - B, T, kids and me

Most of my neighbours were at home so we had a chance to explain what those invitations were about. Saima would translate from English to Bengali, as not all of my neighbours speak English.
It was great to meet everyone and I really hope that they will come on Sunday...

and by 6pm they were ready to go...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

so yesterday we were designing invitation for our neighbours....
I scanned Saima and Musharraf' s drawings and we were playing with them on photoshop. Saima learned photoshop from her uncle and surprised me with few good tips! Musharraf decided that sky should be pink. I initially made it blue...

Saturday, 11 June 2011

preparing for Flat Screen event

A year passed from Open Door and I decided to organise another event. This time I'll screen film titled Premise - there is no end to the story about the artists from America and India (x3), that Transit\ion collective and Patachitra artists made in India.

Information about the film can be found on our second blog:

We will also have music and Bengali food, that I'll prepare together with my neighbours. On Thursday we were discussing the menu with Happy, Lipi and Poppy at their flat.

Today we were making invitations for this event with Saina and Musharraf:

Last year Transit/ion collective organised an event titled Open Door. We invited neighbours and friends to join us at our flat on the Leopold Estate for a music performance by Baul and Fakiri.
Here is short video and few images documenting that event: