Friday, 17 June 2011

Since it turned out quite difficult to find someone who would play live music (on such a short notice), I went to see Happy's family to ask about what I could do instead...after a bit of brain storming we came up with an idea of a quiz. So Happy and me were putting questions together. She is also designing a press release for the film and a poster that we will hang by the entrance to our flat

I need to get presents for the winners! And 5-6 chickens! There will be vegetarian curry for those who don't eat meat :-)

We will also decorate our space.

This is our TO DO list:
- decorating the house - everyone
- designing press release / editing photos - H
- finding out questions for the quiz - H & me
- buying presents - me
- shopping with family
- cooking (me + F)
- music (usb) - H, L, P
- clearing space - B, T, kids and me

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