Sunday, 14 August 2011

Just came back home from a week long project in Folkestone. As soon as I entered my flat I heard someone knocking at my door. My little neighbours brought six letters, most of which were invitations to a party. We spent a little bit of time discussing what should be done to make next event at my place fun. We set a date for it, still over a month to go. I would like us to take time and develop theatre play for it, as kids suggested making puppets. I think Saima was a bit surprised when I draw a plan and explained how much time it would take to prepare everything. I'd like us to work towards something first things may look a bit strange...slow...but then when we bring it all together it will become a theatre play that other neighbours and guests will be able to see. Sometimes it takes a long time to achieve something...but it's satisfying.

They asked me if I would buy presents (last time we had prizes which I gave away). I said that I wouldn't have money to buy them, and that everyone could make one present for someone else. Saima said "we can't make prizes ourself". I said that we could, that I made some presents before. She said that people don't have ideas. Well, lets see about that :-)

Step one: Writing a story that could be turned into a play. This is where we are at the moment.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

We fixed Catharina's piano/organs. Boys loved it, especially Salman. I think he played it before at school. I wish I could do that...maybe I'll be able to find someone to come once a week and teach them a little bit more about music.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

and another story arrived :-))) I don't think I should publish them on this blog. At the end of the day they belong to children and they are to become a script, then a film. Something that we will do together.

It wasn't that easy today. There was a bit of tension around and one of the girls kept fighting with one of the boys. Younger kids were eger to make paper cutouts but two of the older boys didn't want to do anything eccept to play computer games. I took my laptop away, thinking that computer games weren't that good for them. Then I remembered, that I used to play the same kind of games when I was a maybe it's ok for them to play...sometimes?

One of the moms kept popping in today, looking at what kids were making. She told me that she was learning English twice a week. As I was passing by her flat tonight she invited me for a meal. It was delicious four course dinner. We set in her kitchen chatting with children.

Monday, 1 August 2011

First day of Ramadan. I worked till late today and felt tired. I waved 'hello' to Poppy, when passing outside of her window. Her brother invited me for a meal. Eating and chatting in their kitchen felt so good. I never thought, that being able to pop in next door for a tea, leaving my bike outside without worrying about it, keeping my door totally open for hours...that it all can be such a relief. It's the first time that I live among people that are so welcoming, because despite of all the art projects I do here, it was my neighbours who come first to offer us was over a year ago.