Sunday, 14 August 2011

Just came back home from a week long project in Folkestone. As soon as I entered my flat I heard someone knocking at my door. My little neighbours brought six letters, most of which were invitations to a party. We spent a little bit of time discussing what should be done to make next event at my place fun. We set a date for it, still over a month to go. I would like us to take time and develop theatre play for it, as kids suggested making puppets. I think Saima was a bit surprised when I draw a plan and explained how much time it would take to prepare everything. I'd like us to work towards something first things may look a bit strange...slow...but then when we bring it all together it will become a theatre play that other neighbours and guests will be able to see. Sometimes it takes a long time to achieve something...but it's satisfying.

They asked me if I would buy presents (last time we had prizes which I gave away). I said that I wouldn't have money to buy them, and that everyone could make one present for someone else. Saima said "we can't make prizes ourself". I said that we could, that I made some presents before. She said that people don't have ideas. Well, lets see about that :-)

Step one: Writing a story that could be turned into a play. This is where we are at the moment.

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