Sunday, 16 October 2011

I now have regular workshops with children, which happen every Saturday or Sunday. I mostly work with 7 of them, but sometimes group is as big as 15. This is usually when their cousins are around and they join in. Their mothers are visiting my flat during our art classes, often commenting on the work or giving advise to children. We all work towards another 'party for the neighbours' day (in two weeks time) making different types of puppets, building theatre stage and writing stories. We also collect footage for the film and paint a lot. Sometimes we play music.

Today I went to an art shop and brought lot's of clay, canvas and few other things that we haven't used before. We tend to experiment a lot, so children can get used to various types of materials and learn new ways of assembling them. We also started analysing work that is being made. I keep asking questions about the colours they used or the choice of material etc .... When they feel like they'd made a bad work we try to find other way of looking at it or a way to improve it. It's important that they don't see moments like that as final or as failure, but rather as a temporary problem that can be solved.

On other days my doors are open to a little bit older neighbours. We write CVs and part-time job applications. We talk about the importance of education, especially once they still have it free.

Today I thought that it would be great to involve mothers in running other art classes. One of the mums can do pottery and it would be amazing if she run workshop on it.

I decided to spend the next few months on looking for a funding. Let's see how it goes.

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