Sunday, 24 July 2011

Long overdue images from PARTY, an event that took place at my flat in June. Previous posts show images of preparation for it. Here are few that were taken on the day.

We had amazing time and lot's of my neighbours came to have food, watch the film and take part in a quiz. We were joined by a group of artists - friends of mine. I kept the number of invited artists quite low ( 15 to 20). I didn't want my neighbours to feel intimidated by a large group of strangers. Many of the adults that live around don't speak English, and I wanted them to feel comfortable at my place.

We had fun! Bengali food was prepared by me and my neighbours. They taught me how to cook it. It was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I was worried about people not turning up, but I guess involving them in the process of preparation helped a lot.

At the beginning of the evening the group of artists sat on a carpet in the living room and neighbours stayed in the kitchen, but as the evening went on the dynamics shifted a little bit. The quiz was the highlight of the evening and I almost got knocked down by kids claiming their prizes!

There will be more events like this in the future. The next one will probably take place in September.

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