Tuesday, 26 July 2011

This week I started collecting stories for the film we are going to make on the Leopold Estate. I hope to involve my neighbours in the process of script writing and shooting the film. I've been thinking a lot about where and how to start and decided that I'll write letters to everyone. I'll also make few posters, which I'll hang around the building. I'll ask the girl that live next door to translate it into Bengali for me.

I also realised it's going to be a much longer and more difficult process then I had expected. First of all, saying that "it's our film" or "it can be yours as much as mine" doesn't really work. And why should it be, really... The outcome for other people isn't that clear, at least not at this stage. It will probably change once we have more material.

There is also a practical issue that I only realised after my recent trip to Morocco. Involving my neighbours in reenactment might be a problem. Here is a bit of information on that:
It's nothing to worry about though. We can keep modifying the form of this film until it's relevant to our setting. The priority is not only to make a work of art, but also to use art to help the community that lives around.

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  1. From Selim, a friend of mine:

    'that's an ineresting problem you have, generally there is also the notion in islam that allah is the creator of everything and therefore everything is beatuiful, so there is a problem with creating anykind of art - including photography - since you are copying nature and nature was already made perfectly by allah, so you are trying to copy allah, which is considered's a dilemma of course if you study islamic art deeper. let me know if you need anymore help with the scripts. good luck!'